Amazon Prime Day Heatwave deals

2022-11-09 16:49:26 By : Ms. Lucky Tong

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It's hot out there... and it's only going to get HOTTER.

If you love shopping and sunshine in equal measure then you are in a for a treat over the next few days.

Not only is the UK sweltering in a heatwave, but it's also Amazon Prime Day on July 12 and 13!

It's the online retailer's annual mid-year sale, and there are some SERIOUS bargains to be snapped up across the Women's Health team's favourite areas: Health, gym wear, gym gear, tech, beauty and food. Basically, anything and everything!

In need of some new headphones? Apple AirPods are a steal right now. Want a hot tub? You can get one delivered in time for the weekend!

As well as big investment items - like this WH recommended Emma Mattress - there are some smaller bits and bobs ideal for making your daily life a bit easier, especially as the mercury continues to rise.

That's why we've taken some time out of our busy schedule of sweating and looking for cool things to drink to round up some handy items that might make the sweltering temperatures a bit more bearable...

To shop the best deals this Prime Day, you'll need a Prime account. If you don't have Amazon Prime yet, sign up for a free trial now to take advantage of the deals. SIGN UP HERE

There's a whopping 60% off these timeless shades, and they come in a variety of colours, too. With plastic acetate frames, they're light but sturdy and will survive at the bottom of your bag or in a glove compartment. Previous purchasers have raved about them on Amazon, with one happy shopper describing them as 'the best sunglasses she has ever bought!'

Getting in to a daily SPF routine is one of the best things you can do to fight the signs of ageing - and skin cancer. This tub of face cream from much-loved brand Cetaphil is laced with SPF 15, which is a good base for your face all year round.

There's nearly 30% off Calypso's range of Once A Day SPF. The clue is in the name - one application lasts up for 8 hours. Perfect for if you're out and about, or squeezing in a (sweaty) run.

There's 30% off this powerful fan, which is perfect for cooling down all spaces from bedrooms to offices. You can choose if you want a model that moves up and down or oscillates, making sure that you are chilled from head to toe.

A gazebo can offer a shady respite from the blazing sun, whether you're relaxing at home in the garden or at the park for a bumper day out with pals. This particular one has rave reviews on Amazon, with buyers loving how the canopy offers 50SPF, the carry bag, and how easy it is to assemble... as long as it's not windy!

Save 20% on these reusable ice packs and keep your lunch, snacks, drinks (and booze) cool. Perfect for work and school packed lunches, hiking trips, picnics and more, they can be used over and over again, making them a great investment for this heatwave and beyond!

Bring the party outside with a portable Bluetooth speaker - and this one, priced at under £25, is a great option. It has up to 20 hours battery life once fully charged with USB, and is suitable for all weathers - it's dust proof, mud proof, rainproof, and snow proof! Great for garden, pool, shower, beach, party, hiking, BBQ and wherever else you need to hear your favourite music.

Indulge your inner celebrity by always insisting you're surrounded by fans - well at least this one! Powered by USB, it can keep you cool while you work, or anywhere else you can plug it in. One thrilled Amazon shopper said: 'Neatly plugs in to laptop at work or at home, quiet and does not rattle on the lowest speed. Surprisingly strong breeze on top speed!' Others have pointed out it's great for dealing with menopausal hot flushes while at the office - and it's quiet enough to not disturb others.

Whether your outside space is a yard, balcony, styled like the terrace of a Las Vegas hotel, akin to a local park or just a few flower pots on a windowsill, it goes without saying it'll look even more amazing with some twinkly fairy lights bringing a touch of magic once the sun has gone down. And with so. much. sun. in the UK atm, they're gonna be fully charged very fast. You can save 54% on these today.

An often undiscussed bonus of hot weather is that it gives people the confidence to wear a hat when they are not on holiday or at a wedding. This straw hat has a gap at the back to allow for your ponytail to poke through, and it is designed so it can be scrunched up in a suitcase and pop-out with no folds.

There's nothing worse than running out of ice, so make sure you always have enough cubes for you and any guests with this four-pack of trays. Made from silicon, it's so easy to pop out the ice cubes as and when needed.

You can get 40 cans in this beast of a cool bag. FORTY. CANS. So whether you've got a load of friends or just a small but thirsty group, there's plenty of space in here for an arsenal of canned cocktails.

Be the envy of your colleagues and fellow commuters with a hand held fan you can whip out and use whenever you feel the, ahem, glow. This one folds down meaning it won't take up too much room in your bag, and with a bit of practise you can probably unfurl it in a dramatic, show-stopping fashion.

Grab a coconut water and pretend you're in the the tropics as you sway gently in this generous hammock.

Get busy on the grill with a BBQ big enough for burgers, corn on the cobs, sausages and veggie kebabs... and then some!

You don't need to be a child to enjoy a splash about in a paddling pool - it's perfect for dogs too! (LOL and adults obvs).

There's a special sort of smugness that comes from knowing you have some home made ice lollies waiting for you in the freezer at home. Use up left over juice, or get adventurous with a frozen mojito twist.

There IS such a thing as being 'too hot to make a drink', so let these new ready to drink Grey Goose spritz cans do the hard work for you.