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2022-11-09 16:36:16 By : Mr. William zhou

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You might want to choose a white elephant gift with a universal appeal or a more niche gift that only a select few will appreciate.

by: Lauren Corona, BestReviews Staff

You might want to choose a white elephant gift with a universal appeal or a more niche gift that only a select few will appreciate.

by: Lauren Corona, BestReviews Staff

White elephant gifts aren’t known for being fancy, but it’s still fun to try picking a gift that everyone will fight over. This can be a particular challenge when you’re saddled with a $10 price limit. 

However, that doesn’t mean you have to settle on something boring and call it a day. Whether you’re looking for a gift that’s fun or silly, practical or great for foodies, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. 

In this article: Ridley’s 100 Single Cheesy Joke Cards, Gynnx Coffee Cup Warmer and Melitta Filter Coffee Maker.

BigMouth Inc. Tiny Hands Toy

Armed with these tiny hands, whoever ends up with this white elephant gift can play all manner of pranks or simply pose for some funny photos. You can choose from regular tiny hands, tiny lobster claws, tiny boxing gloves or tiny pirate hooks. 

Ridley’s 100 Single Cheesy Joke Cards

Whoever in your workplace is the biggest fan of dad jokes will be aching to get their hands on this set of cheesy joke cards. Each card is designed to look like a cheese single to really up the cheese factor. 

Screaming goats have become viral video sensations. Whoever ends up with this gift can have their own screaming goat for their desk. It also comes with a book of fun facts about these goats, but let’s not pretend the screaming figurine isn’t the main event.

Daisy Lane Christmas Beer Can Cooler

Anyone who believes the festive season is “the most wonderful time for a beer” will love this cute beer koozie. It keeps beer cans, or other drink cans, cold for longer and is the perfect accessory for upcoming holiday parties. 

Consisting of a mini punching bag and two tiny boxing gloves to be worn on the index fingers, this desktop boxing set is the perfect way of knocking out work stress. It even comes with a book containing finger-boxing moves. 

These poppable fidget toys are like reusable bubble wrap and infinitely fun to play with.

Ninja Outdoorsman 11-in-1 Stainless Steel Credit Card Tool

This tool has 11 functions, including a can opener, flat screwdriver, cutting edge, bottle opener, ruler, water compass and four-position wrench. Because it’s the size of a credit card, users can easily slip it into their wallet so they’re ready for anything. 

Heykir Home Reusable Glass Straw Set

With three straight and three clear reusable drinking straws in a set, plus two cleaning brushes, the eco-conscious folks in your group will want to get their hands on this gift. They’re available in clear and colored glass versions, some of which are frosted or half-frosted. 

Anyone who knows the pain of forgetting about their hot drink for long enough that it goes cold will appreciate this coffee cup warmer. It has two temperature settings and is available in a range of colors, including a stylish woodgrain effect version. 

Brook and Bay Touchscreen Gloves 

Gloves might not be the most exciting of gifts, but they’re extremely practical for cold days and are easy to lose, so people always want more. These gloves have touchscreen-compatible fingers so wearers don’t need to remove them to use their phones. 

Staying hydrated is important, even during the workday. This reusable water bottle helps people on their quest to drink more water. It has a generous 40-ounce capacity and a soft straw lid that’s convenient to drink from. 

Tea lovers will all want to get their mitts on this chai tea sampler, containing 20 tea bags in six varieties, including original chai and Earl Grey chai. Each bag is individually wrapped and the warming spaces are perfect for the cold winter months. 

From gyoza to pierogi to stuffed pasta, there’s a wide world of dumplings out there that the recipient of this delightful gift can explore. It’s simple to use and takes some of the effort out of crafting handmade dumplings, giving users neat results every time. 

Ethical Bean Classic Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee

This fair-trade, organic coffee has a classic medium roast and a great flavor that coffee fans are sure to appreciate. The company prides itself on only using beans that are fully traceable to the co-op at which they were grown. 

It’s becoming increasingly common for coffee aficionados to ditch the fancy coffee machines and stick with simple coffee drippers. This basic dripper might not look fancy but it gets the job done well and lets the true flavor of the beans shine. 

The 3- and 6.5-inch versions of the Lodge cast-iron skillet come in at less than $10 and will have keen cooks fighting over them. They’re great for baking deep-dish cookies and individual desserts and serving a wide range of foods, among their many other uses.

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