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2022-11-09 16:49:07 By : Ms. Lisa Wu

Fellow parents hailed the tip as 'amazing' after the mum explained in a TikTok clip why she uses marshmallows instead of ice

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A mum has been praised after sharing a simple but effective method of treating her children’s minor injuries at home.

While bumps, scrapes and bruises are a common occurrence for exploring kids, most parents would probably think to treat their child’s sore spots with an ice pack. But social media star Chelsea Dyan shared that she has found a better alternative to ice to do the trick - a pack of marshmallows.

The mum took to TikTok to explain the added perks of popping a bag of mini marshmallows in the freezer compared to using the traditional ice method, The Mirror reports . Posting to her 45,000 followers, she said in the clip: “I've got a hack for healing kid's boo-boos, and all it takes is that pack of marshmallows that you've got somewhere in the back of your pantry.

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“Grab yourself some mini marshmallows and a zip lock bag, and away you go - you're just going to pour those straight into the bag, lay it out flat, get all the air out, and it's ready for the freezer. Once it's been in there for three hours then it's ready to go!” Chelsea said.

The mum added: “The good thing about this hack is that marshmallows get really cold in the freezer, but they still stay soft so you can form around where the owie is.” She explained in the caption that the marshmallows are “so much easier to form around little limbs” - and many fellow parents were impressed by the tip.

The video has racked up more than 200,000 views so far, with several of Chelsea’s followers saying that they were keen to try out the hack. “Love this idea, thank you,” one person commented.

“Oh my I have young adults & teen and never ever saw or heard of this. AMAZING,” another TikTok user added.

A third fan pointed out that the trick wasn’t just useful for kids. “I am totally trying this for my next migraine!” they said.

Several people added that they wanted to use these makeshift frozen packs because they would double up as a tasty snack. Others pointed out similar products that they use at home to do the trick, including gel packs, frozen peas, and popcorn kernels.

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