Best Menopause Products for Hot Flashes

2022-11-09 16:34:14 By : Mr. Kaigong Zhan

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Going through the change? These picks will make it a lot easier.

Hot flashes, unexpected leaking, hot flashes, mood swings—did we mention the hot flashes? Menopause is so darn fun. Sarcasm aside, going through "the change" can really wreak havoc on both your body and mind. Typically, many women start to experience a natural decline in reproductive hormones when they're in their 40s or 50s. The North American Menopause Society states that the average age of the menopause begins at 52, but the age of natural menopause can vary widely from 40 to 58 years.

Whenever you do go through the menopause, your hormones change pretty drastically. That means that, unfortunately, most of these menopausal symptoms are unavoidable. And it's certainly no walk in the park, but there are things you can do to mitigate jut how bad these symptoms wallop you.

With that in mind (and with the goal of always making your life easier!), the Oprah Daily team looked high and low for products that will alleviate the most unbearable side effects of menopause. From gadgets that cool, to underwear that protects you from leaks to dresses that will flatter a potentially changing body, everything you could possibly think of to help you during this transitional stage of life is here.

Wondering why they call this a W fan? It's because it can be used whenever and wherever. Just slip this wireless, hands-free device around your neck and turn it on for a cooling breeze. The fan will last up to five hours before you need to recharge it, which makes it easy to deal with the onset of a sudden hot flash. It also has five speed settings, making it easy to customize exactly how much of a breeze you need.

Meet your perfect patch! Infused with 15 mg of premium hemp extract, this discreet patch can be placed anywhere on your body—and it will deliver a cooling effect for up to 12 hours. One of the many 5-star reviewers says she wears one every night to deal with those pesky menopausal night sweats.

Something that happens during menopause that very few people talk about: All those hormone changes can lead to some unpleasant odors down there. Yes, really. This all-natural jasmine spray from the Black-owned wellness brand The Honey Pot Co is meant to be spritzed onto your underwear to keep everything fresh and lovely.

Designed with materials originally created for NASA, this cooling device is meant to be worn around your neck. Just be sure to pop it in the freezer for 20 minutes before you put it on. It contains a gel that will stay cool for up to two hours. Perfect for a balmy day or for anytime that you feel those hormonal changes are making you sweat.

Menopause-related hot flashes mean sweat, so when taking a shower isn't an option, these wipes come in handy. Discreet, perfectly sized to keep in your purse, and they're flushable.

During menopause, it's not uncommon to have a few sporadic periods. And because they're not as regular as they once were, they can take you by surprise and lead to unfortunate leaking. These underwear from Knix absorb up to 1 teaspoon of liquid, so you don't have to worry about spotting.

Formulated with peppermint and menthol oils, a spritz of this all-natural spray instantly helps chill you out. Spray it on your face or body anytime you are having a menopausal hot flash or night sweat. Bonus tip: Add a little to your body lotion before rubbing it on for an all-over cooling sensation.

Wet one of these mesh towels, wring it out, and give it a little snap to activate the cooling technology. Then use the towel to dab anywhere that needs relief—like your neck, your chest, or even behind your knees. The towel will stay cool for up to three hours. Use it anytime, but it can be particularly great if you get hot flashes while working out.

Hitting the hay in pajamas that don't breathe is not going to help you out of you get a case of the night sweats. This chic top from Soma is from their Cool Nights collection. Translation: It is breathable and cool to the touch.

Another not-so-fun side effect of menopause? Dryness down there—which can really take a toll on your sex life. This lubricating serum is meant to be applied before sex to help eliminate that dryness. It also adds a slight tingling sensation for added pleasure.

Bye bye, night sweats! Wear this on your wrist, and anytime you feel overly warm, push the button on the side to release thermal sensations that will help cool your entire body. The disk on the band is meant to be worn on the inside of your wrist. By targeting the temperature-sensitive skin there, this sleek device really can cool your entire body. It also connects to an app, which allows you to explore different cooling sensations to find what works for you.

As estrogen levels plummet, some women experience a bit of hair loss. Ugh. These collagen gummies can help boost your hair's thickness, making any hair loss less noticeable. As an added perk, collagen can also help with skin elasticity.

Hormonal shifts may also lead to a low libido. One way to help your sex drive stay steady? A little self-love. This kit, created for women who are menopausal, comes with a small vibrator and lube to help address any dryness.

It's not uncommon to feel a little bloated or puffy during menopause—which can make your go-to jeans feel a bit uncomfortable. This maxi dress is the answer. It nips in at the waist and then flows freely over your hips for a flattering fit. Dress it down with a jean jacket and sandals or make it work for a night out with gold jewelry and heels.

Barely bigger than a lipstick, this foldable fan is easy to stash in your bag. Pull it out anytime you get a little sweaty. A full charge lasts up to 21 hours, so you won't have to worry about plugging it in all the time. Hold it to cool you down, or fold it into an L-shape and place it on your desk at work to keep you breezy as you work. Bonus: It has a built-in flashlight, in case you ever need one!

Stay dry all night long with these moisture-wicking sheets. They're also highly breathable and beyond soft (thank you, 1,500-thread count!). Plus, they come in 25 different colors, so you're sure to find a shade that goes with your bedroom decor.

It may sound counterintuitive, but drinking this hot tea may actually help diminish hot flashes. It contains echinacea, black cohosh, and wild yam—three herbs thought to reset certain physiological functions (like hot flashes!). Really can't deal with a hot beverage? Put it over ice for a cooling drink.

More of a nightgown kind of gal? This sweet sleep shirt is moisture-wicking and can even double as a swim cover-up during the day. We love the blush color, but it also comes in marine blue and black.

Weight gain happens—and it can really happen when you're going through menopause. These chocolate energy bars taste a bit like a sweet treat but are a low-calorie option for when you need a burst of energy and are looking to help a sugar craving subside.

Meet the mattress that was specifically created for those who get hot while sleeping. It was put together in a way that won't trap heat and is covered in breathable fabric that cools on contact. If an achy back has come with age, it's also got just the right amount of support.

If you're already feeling hot, imagine how you'll feel working out. To keep as cool as possible, what you wear is key. This top was made for running or training. It's lightweight, moisture-wicking, and made with material that fights bacteria that causes odor. Plus, it scores bonus points for going up to a size 20.

Menopause can be exhausting. With so much going on within your body, it really takes a toll. Enter this infrared mat from Higher Dose. Just lie down on it and it will emit pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to stimulate your body's recovery. (Astronauts have used this type of therapy to help their bodies recover from space missions.) It also emits infrared heat to encourage further stress-free vibes.

Hot flashes don't just warm you up; they can make you sweat. This powder—created by body confidence advocate Katie Sturino—helps eliminate boob sweat. It's made with soothing aloe and chamomile and has a slight lavender scent. The applicator is also genius: It's going to a pointed nozzle you can aim wherever you want the powder to go—just press down and the perfect little puff of product comes out.

When things get hot, stay cool down there with this moisture-wicking underwear. It's sold in a pack of four to help you get through the week, has a soft waistband that won't dig in, and has no tags to irritate you.

Have a blouse you don't want to risk sweating in? Consider slipping into this undershirt first. It's made with thermal-regulating material and has extra absorbency in the armpit area. The nude shade is most practical, but it also comes in white and black, which would look great under a cardigan or button-down. It's also reversible—one side features a crew neck, the other a scoop neck.

Lay this on your pillow or mattress to get instantaneous relief from hot flashes and night sweats. The cool relief lasts for up to two hours and does not require refrigeration. What more could you want?