Feeling tired and fatigued? Let cold compress for eyes come to your rescue

2022-11-09 16:34:43 By : Ms. Helen Jiang

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Stress and work-life imbalance have meant that we always look tired and worn out. Dark circles around the eyes and puffiness are our constant companions. While, in the long term, it is better to de-stress one's life and take adequate rest, it is not always possible to do the same. It is such scenario, opting for quick solutions for fast relief is the way forward. Cold compress for eyes is one such a solution.

These eye masks come with gel filled in them. They provide a cooling effect on the eyes. Some of them come with beads inside them that help exercise the facial muscles around the eyes to help relax them, thus giving relief. What's more is that they are super easy to use.

If you are keen on trying them, then Amazon has many useful and inexpensive versions listed with them. We have made a selection for your convenience. Take a look.

Health Max Tm Relaxing Gel Eye Mask

This mask is suitable for fatigued, puffy and dry eyes. It relieves tiredness, helps tackle dry eyes, eye and head aches, restlessness and insomnia. This is gel-based eye mask and is particularly effective against dark circles. It comes with a strap and is, hence, easy to use and can be stuck to the back of the head. It can be used both at room temperature as well as refrigerated.

Fitroots Half Face Cooling Mask Relaxing Gel Beads Cold Compress Pack

This cooling gel face mask is equipped with gel beads that help facial muscles and skull to relax. This is a flexible mask that can improve blood circulation, reduce headache, sinus, calm down skin irritation, combat dark circles, eye redness and puffiness. Its gel beads help relax the facial muscles. It is made from BPA-free non-toxic material which makes it a perfect fit for any skin type.

Zureni Cooling Gel Eye Mask

This is a reusable multipurpose eye pack. This is a soothing cool gel eye mask to gently calm your eyes. It helps reduce everyday stress, fatigue and relaxes puffy and dry eyes as well. It contains flexible gel beads with an adjustable strap, which comfortably conforms to the shape of your face. It is designed to retain its temperature for a long time for therapeutic benefits. Using this will give you stress-free relaxing sleep.

GoJaiv Premium Cooling Gel Eye Mask

This is an an innovative product which helps provide deep relaxation to the eyes. It is powered by a pure organic gel formulation and is topped by soothing aroma of lavender. Both combine to provide a therapeutic and aromatic effect. It uses advanced material science to ensure one gets all the benefits of the organic formulation. It's a medical grade material, safe and also feels soft on skin. It relieves dry eyes, reduces eye strain and puffiness and helps brighten skin, remove dark circles and prevent wrinkles.

This eye mask helps alleviate headache and dropsy of the eyes and prevent dark circles, dry eyes and puffiness. It has been produced with environmental-friendly condensate and purified water. It is sealed with cold-resistant soft PVC, containing no toxin and latex. Unlike eye masks from other brands, it does not cover eyes, enabling one to read, watch TV while soothing the eye area. The length of the band is adjustable and it can be used repeatedly.

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