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2022-11-09 16:49:33 By : Ms. Elizabeth Wu

Enviro Ice is a cold-chain pack for refrigerated and frozen foods. Photo courtesy of Pelton Shepherd.

Pelton Shepherd debuts Enviro Ice, a cold-chain pack for refrigerated and frozen foods. Developed with Frosty Tech™, Enviro Ice delivers refrigerant capabilities and superb phase change stability in an eco-friendly formula that’s nontoxic, drain-safe and recycles as plant food. Enviro Ice technology delivers sustainability benefits with no compromise in performance. It is available in both a standard 0°C formula and a -12°C formula that offers an alternative to dry ice. Enviro Ice is proven 100% safe for household drains, PVC pipes and septic systems. It contains an all-natural drain cleaner that reduces clogs. 

After the thawed refrigerant mixture is poured down the drain, the exterior plastic pouch can be recycled anywhere #4 low density polyethylene plastic is accepted. Enviro Ice also recycles as plant food when diluted with tap water. Because of its special formulation, the gel in the product packs can deliver plant nutrients with no risk of harm or contamination to the soil or nearby water. The material was tested to ensure it is non-toxic to all aquatic organisms. Enviro Ice plant food works by hydrolysis, meaning it interacts with the microbial enzymes and moisture found naturally in soil.

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