2022-11-09 16:49:18 By : Mr. Peter Zhao

When you think about McDonald's, all of the locations are pretty much the same, right? That's not the case at this Indiana McDonald's.

McDonald's restaurants are pretty uniform. You've got the same iconic golden arches sign pointing you to the same Big Macs, French Fries, McNuggets, and occasionally ice cream. Once you have seen one McDonald's, you have pretty much seen them all.

Now, throughout the years, McDonald's has made renovations to their locations to make them look more modern and updated. However, one thing that hasn't changed is those golden arches. According to Yahoo:

Muncie, Indiana is home to a pretty rare McDonald's. Now, the restaurant itself looks like a normal Mcdonald's, as you can see in the photo below. However, it's what is featured outside of the restaurant that makes it rare.

Yahoo reports that there are 12 locations across 12 states that still have the retro, single arch sign sitting outside of the restaurant. These locations are scattered all throughout the country, and one of them happens to be right here in Indiana. You can find this rare McDonald's located on South Madision Street in Munice. As you can see, the sign outside of the restaurant doesn't quite look like the average sign with the double golden arches.

You can take a look at where the other eleven locations are in the country that features the original single arch sign by clicking here.

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