The 5 Best Ice Packs of 2022

2022-11-09 16:33:35 By : Ms. Jessie cui

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If you have sprained a wrist, pulled your back, or twisted an ankle before, you've likely heard of the age-old R.I.C.E. protocol— rest, ice, compression, and elevation. And while painkillers can help numb the discomfort, there is nothing as effective at providing instant relief—and jumpstarting recovery—as a good old-fashioned ice pack. Icing not only helps you to feel better by numbing the area that's causing you discomfort, but also helps decrease swelling and inflammation at the source.

While you can use a bag of frozen peas, an actual ice pack will serve you better, with longer lasting cold, less sweating, and a moldable surface that contours to your body. Since there are a lot of ice packs out there, we've gathered some of our favorites to help you choose.

Generally, you will have three types of ice packs—refillable ice bags, gel ice packs, and instant ice packs. Look below for the different features of each.

These are just what they sound like—bags that you can fill with ice cubes. These are great if you don't want to bulk up your freezer and have ice readily available. They are usually pretty big, and depending on how much ice you put in, they can easily contour around rounded surfaces like a knee.

These will stay cold the longest and will sweat the least. They come in all different sizes, and can sometimes be strapped onto your body so you can wear them while walking around. They are also pretty moldable, and some can even be heated as well as frozen.

These single-use ice packs are great for when you're on the go. They freeze instantly due to a chemical reaction, and are great if you find yourself somewhere without a freezer. Since they are single-use, though, they are a bit wasteful—so it's best to use them sparingly.

To find the best ice packs among the many options on the market, we researched the most popular models available and considered their materials, size, effectiveness, and, durability. We then looked at both expert reviews and customer ratings, written by people who’ve bought these ice packs on sites like Amazon, to settle on the products you'll find below.

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This pack is not only on the larger side, but it also comes with a strap that helps keep it in place when you're moving around. It's big enough to use on your back, but can also get tight enough to use on an ankle or arm. You also have the option to use it either frozen or hot—and since it comes with two packs, you can designate one for each temperature.

This set of two cold packs is great for keeping in small freezers. They won't take up too much room and they're made with super durable vinyl that prevents rips and leakage, keeping them in great condition for years of use. These are only designed to be used cold, but can freeze in just 30 minutes, and will stay cold for up to 30 minutes as well.

Using this traditional-style ice bag is simple: just add ice cubes through its wide mouth and close the top. It's made from a thick material and has a leakproof top that keeps you from getting wet while using it. It's also great for using on rounded body parts, like your knees, as it will mold to the shape of the surface you put it on, getting the cold where you need it most.

For times when you're away from home, you may want to have a few of these instant ice packs handy. To make them cold, you simply give the package a good squeeze, which causes a chemical reaction that makes the contents freeze in a matter of seconds. These are not reusable, but they do come in a pack of 24, so they are great for keeping in your car or bringing with you to a race.

If you're not sure what size ice pack you want, or if you're looking for ice packs in multiple sizes, the ColPac might be a perfect fit. This pack comes in four different shapes and sizes, with the option of a neck and shoulder style, as well as a large pack that measures 12 x 18 inches.

The large size is great for icing bigger areas of your body, and all the sizes are filled with a silica gel that stays flexible once frozen and maintains its cold temperature for up to 30 minutes.