These Amazing Alternatives To Expensive Products Are 50% Cheaper & Work Just As Well

2022-11-09 16:48:55 By : Ms. Ling K

Why pay more for less?

I firmly believe there are a bunch of product alternatives out there that are absolutely worthwhile — and sometimes even better than the more famous items. What products have alternatives that are actually worth it? There are plenty of budget-friendly beauty treatments, kitchen add-ons, chic bedding upgrades, and more — all available on Amazon. There’s even a chic soy candle on this list that looks super expensive and lasts for many, many hours.

Sometimes I buy cheap brands at the grocery store trying to save a few bucks. So, I end up with strange generic marshmallows that refuse to melt while I’m trying my best to make a trendy dessert. (Yes, this happened super recently and I’m still annoyed about it.) So, while I usually avoid swaps at the grocery store, this list is basically a guaranteed spot for all of us to find swaps that still work amazingly, look great, and feel luxurious.

This 13.5-ounce tin of skin-nourishing cream with Provitamin B5 saves you from splurging on a pricey body moisturizer or hand cream. It has a thick formula that feels just as luxurious as premium brands, and it’s even rich enough to use it as a hydrating face mask, makeup remover, or a skin-protecting cream when it’s chilly outside.

These high-waisted joggers with pockets have such a chic design they honestly look like they’re super expensive, and reviewers say these are a great alternative to pricier pants. Instead of the usual drawstring, these comfy pants have a wide elastic waistband that feels trendier and fits like a glove. They also have four-way stretch fabric for a sleek and practical finish.

This brow pencil is called a micro brow pencil because the tip is actually that tiny and precise, allowing you to fill in your brows with natural-looking fine lines. It feels like an extra-luxurious pencil with the matte formula and attached spoolie that helps with blending and fluffing your hairs. Plus, it has a sleek and retractable design to keep this super slim pencil intact when you’re not using it.

This triple-insulated water bottle looks just like all of those on-trend and super expensive bottles — but it costs a fraction of the price. The stainless steel design keeps drinks cool for 24 hours, and the finish looks so chic. Unlike mainstream insulated water bottles, this one comes with three versatile leak-proof lid options, so you can carry it around no matter what beverage you want that day.

This classic translucent powder looks chic on your vanity, and it creates a chic, smooth base or finish for your makeup look. It’s all about the loose powder formula that’s so lightweight and velvety. It’s also the budget-friendly powder to grab for baking, adding extra coverage, and even contouring.

This set of 6-foot phone chargers comes with built-in braided cord covers that are extra-durable and protective. These covers also match, so all of your cords look put together and on your nightstand, and the longer length means you can still scroll through TikTok in bed. Plus, these USB and lightning chargers can be bent over 8,000 times without fraying, which is way more than other chargers.

Instead of grabbing a super pricey option, this K-beauty glow serum is budget-friendly, and it still has plenty of brightening vitamin C inside — 20% vitamin C, in fact. Beyond that powerhouse ingredient, this serum has hydrating hyaluronic acid and soothing ferulic acid, so it feels extra-luxe and makes your skin refreshed and moisturized.

The second you run out of single-use mop pads, grab these reusable microfiber pads that stick right onto your mop. The extra-thick microfiber fabric is seriously good at cleaning up spills, pet fur, dust, and more. This set is durable enough for the washing machine, and you only have to buy them once, which actually saves you money. These are an Amazon shopper favorite with over 40,000 reviews and a 4.8-star overall rating.

These are the trendy and chunky hoop earrings that everyone seems to have, but the price tag makes them way more worth it. These sterling silver hoops have the same gold plating that looks chic with any outfit. They’re also lightweight and totally hypoallergenic, so you can easily wear them every day.

This smudge-proof mascara comes with the fluffiest brush with a wavy design. The unique shape of this brush holds onto a bunch of mascara, so it’s quick and easy to coat all of your lashes and give them extra volume and length. This flake-proof mascara also has a conditioning formula to avoid buying an extra lash serum.

These strappy sandals give you the trendy cork sandal look, but they’re super budget-friendly. The faux-leather straps are super soft and have a unique criss cross design for a little toe ring detail. Of course, the two large straps have metallic buckle accents for a classic look that seems expensive.

This compact portable power bank has a sleek white finish to match all of your phone chargers, and the lightweight, slim design makes it easy to toss in your bag. Plus, there’s even a little flashlight built right into the top of this double-USB power bank, which makes it handy for power outages.

Instead of holding onto a worn-out makeup sponge because it was expensive, grab this huge pack of colorful sponges. They have three distinctive sections — a top point, rounded side, and flat bottom — to apply and blend out all of your go-to products. When it’s time to wash one of these reusable sponges, you get plenty of backups for your everyday makeup.

This tank top-style sports bra is everywhere right now, and this one is super comfy. This V-neck top has sweat-wicking fabric with 20% stretchy spandex, and a cropped fit that’s trendy enough to wear outside of the gym. Plus, it’s such a versatile tank with the easy-to-remove sports bra padding, you can wear it with or without other support.

This crease-proof eyeshadow primer is better than wasting expensive concealer as a base, because it does way more. It absorbs oil, brightens your skin, and it even makes eye shadow extra-vibrant. Also, yes, this adorable pink product still conceals. Plus, this aesthetic little eye shadow primer helps with fallout during application.

The waterproof design of these earbuds means they’ll work at the gym and by the pool — you can even rinse these wireless earbuds and their case in the sink after a workout. Beyond being practical, these sleek earbuds touch control functions, high-quality sound, and up to 30 hours of battery with the case.

These breathable, moisture-wicking socks have a slight compression for arch support and extra cushioning to amp up the comfiness of your favorite sneakers during a workout. There’s even protective padding with a seamless design on the toes. They’re also made with super durable high-density cotton-blend fabric to make them your new long-lasting workout socks.

For a mild exfoliation moment, this budget-friendly serum has 5% lactic acid. It has a peeling and resurfacing effect to add a brightening step to your routine, plus the 2% hyaluronic acid adds back in some hydration. This chic little bottle also has a handy dropper cap and is packed with purified Tasmanian pepperberry to help out with irritation from your cleanse.

These are the versatile cleaning sponges to keep around because they work on spills, kitchen grease, and shoe stains. You can even use them to dust surfaces instead of buying microfiber cloths. This bulk pack is made of an absorbent melamine resign sponge material that you can even use on kitchen appliances and cookware for a deep clean — just add water.

This hair dryer brush has an oval-shaped brush right on top to make giving yourself a blowout super easy. There are plenty of classic bristles mixed with nylon pin bristles and airflow vents to dry your hair and style it all at once. There’s also a cool-touch and easy-to-hold handle on the end of this volumizing hair dryer. This brush is an Amazon cult classic with over 255,000 five-star reviews.

This eight-piece steak knife set makes your kitchen look put together because all of them have a sleek, matching design. In addition to sharp blades that are made from a single piece of German stainless steel, the ergonomic and reinforced handles have a comfortable feel and classic black finish that matches any knife block. They’re also rust- and stain-resistant, so they look new every time you pull one out for dinner.

This is the best high-neck tank top — because it’s actually a bodysuit. That means this nylon-blend tank stays perfectly tucked thanks to the snap closure. Of course, it also has 25% stretchy spandex in the soft fabric to give it a sleek fit. Plus, the top of this tank has easy-to-wear double-lining that’s built right in.

This fragrance-free moisturizing cream is packed with unique and hydrating ingredients, like pansy, chamomile, and rosemary extracts, which hydrate your skin and lock it in. They’re also paired with classic nourishing and protective oils, including sunflower and sweet almond. This long-lasting and botanical cream is also versatile enough to use as a makeup primer, because it’s just that good.

This satin pillowcase set proves you don’t have to splurge on silk pillowcases to add a chic, silky, and cooling finish to your bed setup. Even with their trendy, skin-friendly satin finish, this set is actually super durable with the machine-washable design and a secure envelope closure. That’s why these gorgeous pillowcases have 191,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

This tablet and phone stylus set comes with two different styluses that look super sleek on your desk or coffee table. You get different tip options that are super easy to swap out, including a high precision tip and an anti-scratch fiber tip, so you can draw, play, and click with these. Of course, these aluminum alloy styluses have a magnetic cap that keeps your pens safe when not in use.

These high-waisted leggings might seem simple and classic, but they actually have a V-shaped seam on the back that’s super trendy. The rest of these breathable, buttery-soft nylon-blend leggings have a four-way stretch design that’s always a go-to. There’s also a hidden waistband pocket, so pockets won’t ruin the seamless fit.

You can spend a lot on skincare, but ahead and add in a real gold to your routine with these unique and luxurious eye masks. There’s actually 24-karat gold in each of these individually-wrapped masks, even with their budget price tag. Of course, the masks also have moisturizing castor oil, plenty of hyaluronic acid, and more, to leave you looking bright and refreshed.

This soft-bristle electric toothbrush looks sleek and super expensive hanging out on your bathroom vanity. This chic toothbrush is also lightweight, and it even has a two-minute timer, so you can brush for the right amount of time without your arm getting tired. To top it off, this toothbrush comes with a compact little charging stand with a simple USB, even though the battery lasts for two weeks.

With a water gel finish that’s totally oil-free, it’s easy to see why this facial moisturizer feels so expensive. It provides deep hydration for 48 hours, so you’ll avoid going through this hyaluronic acid formula too quickly. Plus, this uniquely hydrating formula even comes in sleek little jar, so it looks like skincare you splurged on.

Instead of making coffee in a pricey glass pour-over maker, this travel mug actually comes with a pour-over filter to make to-go coffee so much easier. Simply brew just enough to fit in this vacuum-insulated mug, take off the stainless steel filter, and pop on the leakproof lid. This stainless steel tumbler will keep drinks hot for six hours and cold for 20.

These chic, non-slip slippers look and feel expensive with the faux-suede finish and unique, snug fit. These loafer-style slippers have a non-slip rubber tread on the bottom, so you can wear them outside if you need to. Plus, they still have enough plush faux-fur lining to keep your feet toasty warm.

Plenty of things make this exfoliating serum feel expensive, but the green tea extract really stands out because it calms and soothes your skin. As for the exfoliating part, this pore-clearing serum has 2% BHA (AKA — the salicylic acid we all love in our skincare), so it works hard to leave your skin cleaner and healthier.

This sleek and compact hand blender is an easier way to make sauces, soups, and smoothies rather than pulling out a clunky countertop blender — and its nine speed settings actually make this a more versatile tool than other blenders. It has a sleek and practical stainless steel finish and handy mixing attachments, like a whisk and even a trendy milk frother.

Grab this breathable nylon-blend sports bra for a trendy workout option with removable padding. The front is pretty classic and versatile with the scoop neck design and medium support compression, but the strappy back with cutouts definitely stands out and keeps you cool. These elevated details actually make this breathable sports bra extra-supportive and easy to move in.

Instead of splurging on expensive hair masks or skincare treatments, grab this big bottle of nourishing castor oil. This 100% cold-pressed oil works on lashes and hair for fuller, shinier locks that can even grow faster. It even fits in with your other skincare for added moisture and softness. Plus, this bottle has an easy-to-use cap to avoid spilling this vegan oil during your skincare routine.

This slow-burning candle seems way more expensive than it is with the soy blend and that seriously chic black jar that’s just begging to be displayed on your kitchen counter. The vegan soy wax fills your room with fragrance and is paired with a 100% cotton wick for an impressive 75-hour burn time.

These low-top sneakers are way more budget-friendly than the other classic options we’re all used to. They have high-contrast stitching details to give these breathable canvas shoes a trendy vibe. These rubber-soled shoes can also go in the washing machine, so these kicks always look chic and stain-free.

Avoid pricey treatments or scrubs with this unique and exfoliating foot mask set. Simply wear the budget-friendly and sock-like mask while you do your other skincare or watch Netflix. Then wait two weeks for baby soft feet. There are fruit acids and extracts inside this peeling formula, so it feels way more luxurious than reaching for a callus-removing tool.

The fade-, pill-, and stain-resistant design of these deep pocket sheets keeps your bed looking expensive and put together — even after washing them a bunch of times. To make this set feel even more luxurious, it’s made with moisture-resistant microfiber fabric that still feels breathable.

This classic bra feels so much chicer than every other comfy style because it has a wireless, seamless fit that looks so sleek. Even though it’s totally wireless, this machine-washable bra still has molded cups with light lining. Plus, it’s finished with a pull-on design and adjustable straps.